FTL Service

Our full truck loading (FTL) service, also known as complete loading, is provided with different vehicle types.

LTF Service

they are collected in our warehouses through our service network that we have established in Europe and are transferred regularly a weekly basis.

Express Transportation

We have a minivan service with a guaranteed delivery within 24-48-72 hours.

Fair and Project Transportation Service

We deliver your materials to the requested place and in the requested time by carrying out the right organization in fair and project transportation with our expert staff.

Warehousing and Customs Clearance Service

Thanks to our reliable agency network in Europe, we speed up and facilitate our customers' transactions by providing warehousing, handling and customs clearance services.

Transit and 3rd Country Transportation

We conduct 3rd country transportations from Europe to Iraq, Iran, Georgia, Azerbaijan countries.

We Provide Logistics Service For You

Vouves Logistics, maintaining its sectoral excitement, is expanding the geographical area where it provides services for sustainability with its experiences and aims to make its name known in every route of our globalized world.

We are happy to be able to reach our solution partners without compromising our deadlines and quality level with our reliable and customer-oriented agency network we provide in European countries and the storage service we receive in all regions

The feeling of trust from our customers, agency network and employees encourages us against all difficulties that we may encounter.


Logistics Solutions

Vouves Logistics carries out its service activities by identifying customer demands and needs, blending past experiences and new generation transportation conditions, with reasonable prices and the service quality adapted to the present.

Our Istanbul-based organization mainly provides services in road transport and provides support to the Turkish economy and its stakeholders’ search for solutions in line with quality standards.

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FTL Service

Logistics Services

LTL Service

Logistics Services

Express Transportation

Logistics Services

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